increased spasticity in leg

For the last 3 weeks the stiffness in 1 leg has got worse. It’s mainly on the inside of my leg from calf up to hip. I’ve had it last year around this time of year. Just wondering if it’s a relapse or just the heat and humid weather.

hi jimmy

heat and humidity are the usual suspects for me.

however i love summer days and struggle to avoid going out in it.

spasticity in both legs is my problem.

i ought to have made notes of when it gets worse and what the weather is like.

i’m too disorganised for that!

carole x

Hi carole, it’s the usual heat humidity and ms not liking it. I have spasticity in both legs too but just 1 leg affecting me worse in the last few weeks. I try to make notes of it but I forget. This heat is lovely but it’s just a little too hot for me. I saw in my notes that this time last year I had exactly same symptoms. Could be the pollen or humidity.

ah jimmy

we’re the freaks who actually don’t really like hot weather.

my memory of it is wonderful before ms came along and ruined it!

the only other person i know who goes to great lengths to avoid the sun had skin cancer.

she recovered but is VERY careful now.

friday my sister has invited me to hers for lunch.

her garden is a wonderful sun trap and she believes in copious amounts of gin!

i can’t possibly refuse!

so my spasticity levels will soar.

The leg with the increased spasticity the last few weeks is fine now but for the last few days it has started in my other leg. Really affecting my walking it is. Don’t know if it’s a relapse or what.Dont know should I go to my gp with it.Any ideas?

Hi Jimmy Generally the rule is, a new symptom or one that has reoccurred more than a month since the last time is likely to be a relapse. Or perhaps might be a relapse (heat and humidity aside), or potentially as a result of an infection, either a UTI or a cold (or anything else). So yes, I’d take a wee sample to your GPs, get them to check you don’t have a sneaky UTI, then maybe talk to your MS nurse, if you have a good one, or GP. Hopefully all will be OK and it will just be down to overheating, in which case it might get better on its own! Start keeping your legs extra cool just in case. That could help matters. Sue

Thanks Sue. It’s what im thinking that it’s a relapse too but it could be the sinus infection I’ve had for weeks or just the heat.Hope it isn’t a relapse as im on tysabri and doing good on it. Don’t have an ms here just a neuro that will tell me go for an mri. Think il go to gp in morning and hope for the best. Thanks sue Jimmy