Hi. How do you know if your having a relapse or if the condition is just getting worse? I’ve yet to be diagnosed but have had dizziness and numb legs off and on for the past twelve years. My legs were quite numb then felt weak and now the’re so stiff I’m finding it difficult to walk. This has been going on for about four weeks now and seems to be getting worse not better.

Hi Jackie. I have been referred to neuro - this will be my third time! Went to the gp about four weeks ago to tell her about my legs to be told that I looked like I could walk fine. Supposed to be back at work on wed as a carer but don’t know if my legs will hold up!

I would like to introduce myself as a new member to the MS society forum…I was diagnosed with MS in 2012 and experienced my first relapse after the birth of my third child. I would just like to chat with others with the same condition.

hi alison

that symptom is spasticity - stiff legs.

see if your gp can prescribe something for it because if you wait for a neuro you could be waiting for ages.

have you been referred to neurology yet?

your gp will enter it on your medical records which your neuro (when you eventually see one) will see.

carole x

Hi Carole. Yes I have bn referred to neurology. Legs are more weak today than stiff!