In Hospital!

I had a nurse practitioner called out as my Sinusitis is being an expletive. The inside top left of my palet has gone numb and I can’t move my left eye properly. Humbug. Waiting for doctor now after nurses had to try four times to fit a canula.Still sat in the chair…but I have a sandwich and a nice cuppa so not too badly off. Just fed up of this now.

So sorry to hear your in hospital Reiki Hope things get sorted and you feel better soon. ((((((Hugs)))))) Love andLight Noreen xxx

Hope you feel better soon and they sort you out xx

Hope you feel better soon xx

Thankyou folks. Even more waiting here!

So sorry to hear that Reiki, hope things improve soon x

hope you feel better soon x

Thankyou. Had a CT scan with contrast that has confirmed severe sinusitis but luckily ruled out the eye itself being infected. Doctor made me smile this morning - he sounded just like Gru from Despicable Me :slight_smile: Despite the pain and annoyance at not being able to move my eyes easily (as they try to move together but one resists painfully) I’m gradually getting there. Plus, its been good to tell other docs about symptoms (as neuro symptoms may be caught up in this) so reassuring that reflexes and muscle strength seem ok.

So sorry you’re in hospital, Reiki. Please take care, and I hope you’re back home again very soon. Xxxxxxx

Sorry to hear you are in hospital. You never know all your other symptoms might get investigated, or am I being too hopeful?

Thanks Purpledot :slight_smile: Puddinglover - lol Well I’ve told several doctors the whole shebang now and had tests I recognise as neuro tests. Still no idea why my palet has a numb patch, could be this infection, could be another neuro symptom. Right now they’re concentrating on flushing this infection out. I’m on my 2nd canula and they’ve tried about four or five times so feeling like a pincushion. Feeling dizzy on top of my usual dizziness and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for being able to pop on here and for all your love and support xxx

Thats terrible you’re in hospital - it must be a particulalrly nasty sinus infection from your lid to be affected. I really hope you feel better soon and as the others have said - who knows maybe you’ll have the neuro stuff looked into too which would be a bonus.

Get well.



As a fellow sinus sufferer, you have my sympathy. Steam, steam and steam some more…and get well soon!

Hallo hun.

Sending my love and support and hope you are soon rid of that nasty bug.

luv Pollx

Thankyou folks! Looks like I’ll be here at least another 48 hours. Doubt I’ll get any further along the neuro route yet as the docs seem to attribute all the symptoms to the sinusitis. Anyway, family visiting in an hour or so - yay!

Oh reiki hope they sort you out soon. Sinus pain is hideous. Take care petal xxx

I’m going home…yay!..with a massive crate of medical supplies. Tonight, Wed and Thurs I’ll have nurses/careworkers coming to give me IV antibiotics at home. I have a huge bag of medication so no drinks for me this Christmas/New Year. I’m just happy to be on my way home again :slight_smile:

Yay for coming home boo to no alcohol :wink:

I’m sure you’ll not mind too much if it means you’re pain free. You can make up for it later! Look after yourself xx

Lovely to hear your back home reki