still numb :(

Still suffering from numbness, started in the sides of my hands and my chin, now its half my face, my nose, top lip, inside my mouth, both hands and one side of my chest and back ( and unmentionable places!) started at end of sept, peaked in dec thought it was tailing off and now it,s come back with vengence and ive lost my sense of smell :frowning: very numb and fed up with it, got my appointment first week in feb tbh cant come soon enough

Must be miserable


I hope the appointment goes well, and that the symptoms ease up very soon.

Karen x

THX sorry to offload here :slight_smile:

That’s what we’re here for


hi ame

im sorry you’re having a hard time, will this be your 1st appointment ?

its rubbish to feel ill and you’ve had it for so long!!

ive been given the runaround with diagnoses of fibromyalgia, likely ms, ME/CFS and the “its all in your head” is the flavour of the moment , dont understand how “flavours” can keep changing, but its all sent to try us, as they say.

best wishes

mandy xxxxxxxxxxxx