In bed but did get on the beach

My day or rather few hours on the beach now in bed for twenty four hours to pay for it but nit was worth it. Read about it on my Disabled Don blog

Now wide awake typing this Heather has just gone to bed but as I said worth it YOU BET two smily faces a thumbs up and me in sun glasses

So pleased for you Don. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that give us the most pleasure, and I’m sure the big burly blokes that got you on the beach will be pleased that such a little thing they did was so appreciated. We all feel good for doing a good deed. If you have to pay for it today so what! I don’t mind having a bad day if I’ve done something that I’ve enjoyed, it’s those “just woke up feeling c…p” says that get me down.

Another hot day today, enjoy your rest. My darling daughter has decided she wants her prom dress altering, she keeps stumbling over it and has lost a bit of weight. I’m dreading cutting into such an important expensive item.

Cath xx

Thanks for another good blog Don… sounds like a great day out. I often think it’s worth just going for it and pay for it later… energy wise. Pacing might be sensible but so bloody boring! Make hay while the sun shines eh? Pat xx

Thanks Girls I am still in bed today I have been asleep allday Heather will get me up or try to in a bit she has a mate round for coffee an I need help to get up so i am typing this and Murray is on TV.

Hi Don. Sounds like you had a great time on the beach,money can’t buy these moments. Shame you had to pay the price for it but that’s ms for you, never sure when it’s going to bite you in the bum. I have had a relatively pain free week ( apart from the bath episode from which I have what my grandson would say awesome bruises) why? Cos I was on holiday. Ah well back to work tomorrow. Andy Murray has just won his match. Why don’t iPads not have smilie faces? Go Andy!!! Take care, Mags xx

Mags I expect Ipads do it just learning the code for them in Ipad talk. I managed to get downstairs for a couple of hours TODAYN the living room TOMORROW the world

Unfortunately on this forum iPads don’t show smilies or convert the standard code :frowning: See? :frowning: It works on my laptop but not on this iPlod. I just prefer this to the weight of the laptop.

As always love reading your blogs Don. Nina x

Thanks Nina, sorry about the twit leaving disgusting comments. I love it when someone takes the time to comment and they spoilt it for me. Now I have to approve comments, another thing to do

That’s me disappointed Don