I'm scared about what ms is going to do to me.

I’m scared to the point where I’m having nightmares at night, where I’m trapped inside my body but I can’t express myself for anyone to help me. I need some reassurance that things will never be this bad.

There is no way of knowing exactly how things will go, but I am pretty certain it won’t be as bad as you are fearing as I get the impression you are imagining an absolutely worst case scenario. Are you recently diagnosed? It might be worth ringing the helpline, I think there is a free phone number on this website somewhere and they will be able to talk it through.

Just found it at the bottom of the page, 0808 800 8000 - freephone number.

Please get some help with this. Your gp will be able to help or your ms nurse. Talking therapy may be able to help also to get things into perspective (gp can refer you). The ms society helpline can also give advise. Dont suffer in silence as the support is available - you just need to ask. Best wishes. Teresa.x

Please see someone,

I was like this at time of diagnosis I’ve been on antidepressants ever since, a lot of people have an instant dislike to antidepressants but they have helped my mood stable.

If you see your MS nurse or your neurologist they will keep you stable and help with your symptoms

A lot of people in an instant when they have been diagnosed, I’m going to be really bad after xx amount of years, I had my first symptom at school at 13 so I’ve had symptoms for 34 years, I’m on daily injections of copaxone now I hate Injecting daily if I have a bad time I try to sit it out as I know my injections will shorten my relapses which up to now they have done are doing.

No one can tell you what’s going to happen to anyone least of all MS as everyone’s MS is different there is no one size fit all,

Al x