I'm cross!

American politicians Mitt Romneys wife Ann said on the news last night she has ms but still manages to do gruelling tours with her husband and look after five children and my man said ‘she’s living proof that you can keep going even though you have ms, she doesn’t let fatigue stop her from doing anything’. I was spitting feathers!

Rant well and truly over, thanks folks, feel better now!


Yes I saw this and wasn`t impressed either.


=well maybe shes had all the best treatment thrown her way, plus all the help money buys. Who knows maybe shes got batteries in her back that we dont know about too? One things for sure, she sure aint got the type of ms I have because fatigue is my worst symptom besides all which goes with having crappy nervous system.

Whoopeeee dooo, a type of ms where even superwoman would look stupid.



Typical - BL**DY american!

I do remember her saying in an interview that she had been lucky that her MS was fairly mild and if it hadn’t been she would not be able to support her husband in his campaign.

It’s just another reminder that MS is different for everyone. Some friends of mine have no pain or balance problems. Considering that a few years ago they were my worst symptoms I soon realised how different MS can be.

We have to remind others and ourselves of this, we are not a number we are individuals.

Wendy x

we can ALL keep going, as long as the MS allows us to, i used to be wonderwoman , my MS didnt stop me doing anything, that was in a past life, now if i am lucky i can stand up unaided,i was lucky in my arly years of MS,wish my luck had held out, some people think we fake it when we get bad,but thats there problem for being so shallow.

Ms affects everyone differently i look after my two sons and am extremly fatigued through out the day some people are licky and get the treatments they can unlike me i have to fight and.prove i have ms.


i would suggest that i can keep going even tho i have ms!

it involves alot of help and organisation and sleep when kids at school! she is lucky to support her husband the way she can-good luck to them (i should point out that i have no idea who these folk are!)

we are all dealing with this in our own way…

sue-i was told something 7 yrs ago and want to share it with you. dont let those in your head that you wouldnt let in your house! its a good guideline for deciding who u let to annoy u!

take care

ellie x

I’m already questioning just how “grueling” these promotional tours are. But then, my experience of 5* hotels and money to pay for hired help is limited :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi All,

I also saw her on TV she looked amazing, wish I looked like that!!! I have not been dx as yet, but for the past 10mths I have had symptoms and fatigue is the worse ever. She has lot of people who help her, We all do our best not to let MS rule us!!!


I;m sure there were nannies and housekeepers when her children were young, just as there are hair dressers, make up artists, stylists etc now. She is desperately trying to get her husband elected President so expect more of the superwoman with MS type stuff as she doesn’t want anyone thinking she can’t handle being First Lady. And she’s staying in 5* hotels poor love, and we all know how terrible that can be.

Hi Sue

You have every right to rant we have an unfair system and lots of ignorant people and your man needs to wise up

This privileged woman will have access to all the medication treatments many of us poor mortals are denied

We are all equal but some are more equal than others…

:cry: Mary


Thanks for your many comments,

I have calmed down now and re-assessed my mans comments and realised it was his way of trying to keep me onwards and upwards. Sometimes comments are misread and touch a very raw nerve and we have plenty of those don’t we?!

As for the lady in question, I am envious because she looks good, hasn’t got bags under her eyes from bad nights and obviously doesnt have to worry about her shoes dropping off or working out where the nearest toilets are going to be before she sets foot out of the 5star. I respect she has ms and therefore ‘one of the club’ but I think there might be a little bit of sympathy vote work there.

I think what annoyed me most is she will give a false impression to everyone who hasnt got ms, she paints a glamorous image of a b*****d of a disease so that it fits in nicely with this lovely image conscious world we live in.

Anyway, nuff said


I wish fatigue was something you could conquer with strength of will. It feels as though I am deciding to sit on the couch rather than do something but I know better. I’d love to be walking over the Dales, shopping in Town or preparing to entertain my family to Sunday Lunch but wanting to just isn’t enough. If simply gritting my teeth and struggling through were all it took – I’d do it.


Phew…grr…arrgghh…and other such noises! Good for her…superwoman indeed…or so lucky that her MS doesnt do to her what it does to us. Now Im cross too!

luv Pollx

I saw an article when she said “I had breast cancer …” and “then I HAD MS…”!!

Implying she no longer had it!!

I wish I knew the cure…!

I don’t think she does us any favours.


Sorry peeps, but I’ve got to say this…

Does she really have MS ?

Or is it that wonderfull American habit.

Anything, to get what you want ! (or what your nearest and dearest wants)

Not exactly a PC commet, but I DO wonder.

Sorry again, but I AM a cynical old ***.

I didn’t see her on the news but I so hope her husband doesn’t get elected. I hate news articles about ms and always switch of, the last thing we need is Americas first lady having ms. Cheryl:-)

I dont want him elected just because of the glaring, gaping ignorance and close-mindedness of many Republican candidates / those Republicans already in office. It seems, from a casual acquaintance with the news, that most Republicans seem to be the very definition of “backwards” on everything from climate change to rape, education to access to health care for all.

I’m glad his wife has managed a fulfilling life, but it’s misleading to use a disease to prove personal validity and of course many people will think she represents everyone with MS, if not everyone with a disability. It’s the whole “attitude will overcome” thing - some things it just can’t help :frowning:

That said, I wouldn’t wish things like double incontinence and the likes on anyone, except possibly the DWP organ-grinders :wink:

We need a new slogan:

If you’ve met one person with MS, you’ve met one person with MS - we’re all different and it’s not easy.

With so many newly high profile people having MS just now including:

  • Ann Romney who can juggle a family and supporting her husband;
  • Stephanie Millward (go, Stephanie, go!) who can come off her meds while she trains for the Paralympics; and
  • Jack Osbourne who can do whatever he does

we should be getting lots of publicity, and here’s hoping it’s the sort that raises funds for care for those of us who suffer most (and research to find that ‘cure’).

Lolli xx