I'm Back! This time with squishy squashy exploding eye feelings!


At the end of November I went into hospital as my left hand side from my arm down to my foot became numb/tingley/pins and needles meaning i couldnt walk. I was also all disorientated, spaced out and having lots of panic attacks. After a week in hospital and after a few tests I saw a neurologist who explained it was an attack of MS, but as it was my first and I had an 80% chance of it being an isolated event it wasnt a diagnosis of MS. I was put on a steriod drip and went home.

Slowly I began to recover, and apart from the odd day here and there where it seems to be bad, on the whole Im almost back to normal. Just have a tingley hand and foot which I can ignore. I also have alot of left side weakness but I am trying to excercise to improve that.

Anyway............that was then.............

Last night I went to bed with a achey left eye, but put it down to having been on the comp for three hours without a break, and I felt tired so fell asleep pretty quickly. I woke up a few hours later with my left eye feeling like it was going to explode! The pain was awful. I could barely open my eyes and was just crying for an hour as the pain spread into my eye socket and my jaw. I took paracetamol and codine and eventually after about an hour and half/ two hours the pain became less and feeling exhauseted and slightly floaty after taking too many pain killers i fell asleep.

Could this be a second attack? Or is it more lkely to be a one of headache eye strain type thing? I havent felt it befor. Today My left eye isnt painful at all but feels strained and tired. 

Anyone who has experienced anything similar please reply, or any dvice anyone can offer please do! Obvs I should go to the doctors but I know I probably wont unless it happens again.

amy x x x

The best thing to do is to see an optician or ask your GP to refer you to an ophthalmologist. Chances are that you've got eye strain or something like that, but eye pain is a symptom of optic neuritis (ON) which is very common in MS. The fact it wore off as well as affected other parts of your face probably reduces the odds of ON, but definitely best to get it checked out.

If your eyes are fine, but it comes back again, please see your GP - it could be something called trigeminal neuralgia (which can cause excruiciating pain in the cheeks, eye sockets & jaw) and is something else that your neuro would want to know about.

I hope it was just eye strain and doesn't come back again!

Karen x