Hi all

sitting here thinking if i was given 1 wish would i waste it on myself or help others

finally came round to thinking that i would like to use it to help disabled kids as i work in transporting severly disabled kids to and from school

my reason is that i’m now in my mid forties and have had an ok life until dx of ms this year but some of the kids i see are very young and they seem to have very little to look forward to as most of them cannot speak or talk so we don’t know how they are thinking so if i could allow them to stand up out of their wheelchairs and say hello that would be good enough for me

just looking to see what everyone else would do…yourself or others?


Blimey…what a great conumdrum.

Yes it would be too selfish just to wish for your own kids to do well…mine are almost grown up.

I would wish for a cure for cancer, I’m tired of hearing someone else I know has been diagnosed. It seems to be far more prevalent than anything else I’m aware of. It would kind of help the maximum number of people possible.

Love Gillian x

I too work with severly disabled people but when born with that severity of disability it is all they know and my folks seem very happy in their skin and just go through the normal range of emotions as we do day today.

The people who have aquired severe head injuries are those that your heart goes out to as you can see the despair in their eyes and the daily frustrations around not being able to be themselves.

Even that is closely followed by Parkinsons and motor neurone disease…I was so relieved I only had ms compared to those two.

Think that maybe slighty more than one wish but hey ho


wow what a lovely bunch you are!

i used to work with disabled kids under 5 yrs old and their families. i have also known someone who got motor neurone disease and died soon after. my best friend died of cancer in february this year.

so its difficult to choose.

i would like to wish that whichever illness someone has that they have the strength to deal with it. i’d wish for better systems of care and peaceful endings.

carole x

I’m remaining anon on this one.

When I watched the news the other day yet another young man killed in Afghanistan. How many more; for what; the place will revert to Taliban run when we and the Americans leave?

I have no hesitation on saying I would swop with this or any young kid; just starting life; perhaps he has a wife and children? Now they have nothing all because of the disjoined thinking of the then President and his poodle Blair.

We cannot change an inherited political ideology and change it for Democracy.

Enough said otherwise I could say a lot.

I would wish that mankind would come to its senses and save itself from its inevitable impending doom!!