If you're feeling sorry for yourself..

I didn’t know anything about the poor girl previously but nobody deserves this fate and only 53 years old too…

I’m afraid knowing there’s always somebody else who died isn’t boosting me terribly much.


I thought that Pat. It’s very sad but its annoying when they declare she died of cancer and M.S … Bet she wouldn’t want to see it reported like that either. X

So sad, and agree she probably didn’t die of MS.

I have always somehow thought that having MS should exempt you from the other serious illnesses, as though it would only be fair that you only get the one serious condition to have to deal with! If only it worked that way.

My nan had MS and breast cancer. She died in her late 60s from the cancer, nothing to do with the MS, although we do believe it made her less willing to fight. Towards the end she refused all treatments for the cancer. The MS had her fully dependant by that age (after about 20 years of relative quiet, then 10 or so years of progression). She did very well really all things considered - it was 15 years ago and treatments for MS were so different than now. X

I think it’s something you can’t really decide on or think about too much unless it actually happens to you. I can see both sides, and it will ultimately come down to the individual situation at the time. Very sad though. X

RIP from me too.

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