If you need a laugh.......mostly at my expense!

Had bad relapse and was in hospital for nearly 3wks. Have gone from walking with a stick to using a zimmer and

wheelchair. Optic neuritis which is no longer painful but still got some sight issues. Also gone from ISC to in

dwelling catheter. So I’ve dealt with all the crap in my usual manor which is with humour ( don’t get me wrong I

have my secret weeping sessions too). But after one particular day when my sis was visiting me and I was telling

her about a little accident I had with my flip flow Cath. I’d forgotten to switch it off and I usually tucked it in my

knickers for comfort. Suddenly aware I felt wet in my right hand pocket. Had I spilled some water? No! I was

peeing in my pocket. That was all my sis needed for the following x

sing to tune of brass in pocket by the Pretenders)

Got piss. in pocket. Got bottle. I’m gonna use it. Invention. My flip flow’s easy. Gonna make me. Make me. Micturate.
Got motion. restrained and frozen. Not driving. Cause i’m not leaving. The reason. I’m just so seething. Why wont you. Wont you. Just release me.
(Chorus) Gonna use my arms. Gonna use my legs. Gonna use my stick. Gonna use my quad cain. Gonna use my zimmer. Gonna use
Cause i. I can hardly see. There’s nobody else here. Or is that just me? I’m special. So special. I got to have some of your gabapentin. Give it to me.
(verse) Got rhythm. Bit off the beat. Got new skank. I drag my feet. Blurred vision. I’m winkin at you. To make my. Make my. My eyes focus.
Gonna use my eyes. Gonna use my lense. Gonna use my nerve. Gonna use my sun specs. Gonna use my kindle.Gonna use my my my. Steroid injection.
(chorus) Cause i. I can hardly see…


happy that's really made me chuckle...

I have the same attitude to all this crap as your good self TiggyWinkle - laughter. It's the best thing...

Debbie xx


lts the best thing we can do - laugh at the predicaments we get in to. Never got on with the flipflow valve - l have had a supra pubic catheter for 18yrs. l use a short/female length catheter with a direct valve 600ml bag. This l tie - with colourful ribbons/laces around my waist. No lengths of tubing - no velcro straps holding it onto leg. lts  very discreet - fits inside my tight jeans.  l have - many times forgotten to switch the tap off!!!!!!!!!! or it has come adrift. But most of the time no problems.

Keep smiling


How lovely to hear so many people being positive about this 'thing' we all share. Must be honest I did laugh, not at you but with you. Well done.

Janet x

Yes, I also laughed with you, not at you, and tbh I like a positive attitude and a laugh too, sometimes it’s hard but it definitely makes a difference.



thanks for posting, brilliant! i'm always happy to see another MSer taking the pee (yes, pun is intended) out of this ridiculous 'dark passenger' we're all wobbling along with, cos, god knows, it's taking the piss out of most of us. whenever i actually manage to sleep for any useful length of time, when i try to get on my hind hooves it's like my legs do a spontaneous river dance independant of my will. ms is absolutely bonkers!

take care,

wendy x 

Well done, I try and laugh about the bladder/bowel stuff but sometimes it does get me down. I was singing along while reading the Pretenders great song to your very clever and comical words!

Hope you your recovery continues.

Love Wendy


Bless you.................good job you`ve still got your sense of humour.

I had an in dwelling catheter for a few months.always forgetting to close the valve.

luv Pollx