If I don't take any drugs for my Primary Progressive MS, am I more likely to suffer more from the dreaded virus?


Really it’s all there in the title - I don’t take anything for my PP MS so was wondering if I’m more likely to have poorer immunity to CV or suffer more complications if I do get it.

The announcements on this Society’s main page talks about the sufferers who are taking medicines to control their MS but nothing about my situation.




You would’ve hoped ppmsers might have been mentioned in the statement…even a footnote would do. So I don’t know, if I were a betting man I’d say less so as we take no drugs to weaken/suppress our immunity further …others may know better…

Hi John

Not everyone responds to any illnesses the same way and I’m no expert on MS, but this is how someone explained it to me after a serious infection, which started as tonsillitis but was later diagnosed as Quinsy. I was very poorly and lost 10kg in two weeks and I was so weak I couldn’t walk.

Our immune systems are more active than many other people, with it attacking our nerves. Some of us rarely become ill with common viral illnesses like colds etc. That doesn’t mean we’re immune tho them though. When we get infections and viruses it usually makes our ms worse as our immune activity kicks up a gear, but it doesn’t just attack the virus, it attacks our nervous systems too, so it may make your symptoms worse.

I don’t know if we’re more likely to catch this virus but I do know that if you get it, itty could make you very ill. Sorry if that isn’t what you were after.




It’s good to get replies, even if there’s no definitive answer on the subject, so thanks for helping out.

I’m doing everything I can to hopefully avoid getting it. The reason that all people with MS, regardless of medication, are offered the flu jab is because of how poorly it could make us if we got flu. I’m assuming the same applies with corona. I’m not willing to take the risk.

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Hi, I think that as we dont (most of us) take DMDs, we`ll be better off to cope if we do get CV.

Self isolate and wash those pandies!


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I think it’s impossible to know. I’m being very cautious and staying in. MS might protect us (as explained so well by Cath above) but it’s no guarantee. Take all the precautions and stay home. A friend of mine is a microbiologist and she told me washing hands is a whole lot better than antibacterial gels. Properly wash with soap under running warm water.

Take care and be safe,

Pat x

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I just last night returned from Cyprus at 9.30 after a four and a half hour flight,i was not tested i.e temperature on departure from Pafos and noted on a packed flight approx’ 4 people were wearing face masks/gloves, on arriving in Manchester again no basic testing testing, as a person with PPMS i was concerned by this. “No wonder this virus is spreading” Question having m.s i will be going into self imposed isolation for 12 weeks as recommended, why is 12 weeks the magic length of time ?

Hi, I think it would be best to self isolate, with having come from abroad…cant believe there`s no testing at airports!

12 weeks must be a time of showing signs, if you were in contact with the virus.


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