Ideas for pain release without medication?

I’ve come off all my medication (tysabri, nortriptyline, baclofen and gabapentin - excuse spellings!) as we are trying for a baby and thought I’d see if anyone has any ideas as I’m suffering. I use heat pads, aromatherapy and find camomile tea helps - I’ve tried a tens machine but didn’t get on with it. Any other ideas? Thanks, Laura

How about hypnotherapy? I haven’t tried it so can’t vouch for it, nor do I know how much it might cost.

thanks, that’s an idea. I wonder if anyone else has any experience of it?

Laura, Ive just come off Baclofen, Omeprazole & Colefac. A good friend and sufferer of ms told me about Evening Primrose & Starflower Oil. It seems to help with joint issues, spasms and in my case a better skin condition. you could try as its natural and is one of the Omega 6 family. Alternatively you could try Cod Liver Oil & Evening Primrose Oil together, Omega 3 & 6. Oil the works so to speak. bren xx

Hi Bren, Thanks for your reply. I currently take fish oils and evening primrose - is this the same, or should I take starflower as well? or cod liver and omega 6? sorry, am easily confused! Thanks, Laura

Yes, keep up with the omega 3 fish oils. But also take a high dose Vit D3 - especially as you are thinking of having a baby. l take 20.000ius daily to help with my ms progression and osteo -arthritis. Vit D3 is so important for us with ms. Look on the msrc site for more info - or google Dr Holik’s presentation on VitD3

I already take vit D and calcium, plus the B vits. Thanks, laura xx

Hi Laura I find that the breathing techniques from yoga can help me tolerate intrusive pain. x

Hi, I don’t usually suffer with pain but if I do have any I use a tens machine but you say y ou didn’t get on with one of those. As someone else suggested how about hypnotherapy. I used this in the past to help with a dog phobia I had. Good results . I can’t remember the cost but worth every penny. Cheryl:)

Hi Annie b I do yoga and def find that helps

Hi, ive just started accupuncture!! not too sure yet if helping, but i know it helps me sleep better and relaxe a bit better, maybe woth a try Moggie x

what about a nice warm bath it always helped me xx