I wish this constant yawning would just jog on.....

Today, I have felt a bit strange. My eyes have not been focussing properly for the last week or so and today I just CANNOT stop yawning. I slept well last night so shouldn’t be tired but this yawning is happening every few minutes and my eyes are streaming!

Could this be a symptom to mention to Neuro?

I also wondered if it was worth getting my eyes tested again because of the focus issue?

Hi Amanda, yawning I think is just because you are tired. Your body is craving extra oxygen to stay awake. What do you mean ‘I slept well last night so shouldn’t be tired’?? Fatigue, I’m sorry to say, does not care how well you slept! Rest Amanda, rest.

Yes worth getting eyes checked just in case something going on. I have double-vision due to MS… but we should never assume something is a symptom of MS… when it might indeed be symptom of something else (like maybe need new glasses).

Take care (and rest… oh and yes tell neuro about the fatigue which is causing yawning).

Pat x

I had no idea that yawning could be a symptom of MS until I met a friend of mine who has it - she yawns all the time! It’s worse when she’s actually tired and it does vary from day to day, but her neuro confirmed it’s her MS doing it.

Not sure about the eye streaming thing though. Could it actually be hayfever or something like that and not neurological at all?

Best to ask your GP I guess.

Karen x

When I say ‘eyes streaming’, its only because I am yawning so hard it makes my eyes water - like an overwhelming tiredness sort of yawn - i’m at it again today!


I know what you mean, I get like that sometimes and can yawn constantly, with only a matter of seconds between yawns. I end up setting everyone around me off too, kinda like a mexican yawn, (rather than a mexican wave). It gets so intense at times, it makes my face ache, sometimes feelin like Im gonna get lock jaw, Im yawning that hard!!!