Anyone suffer from excessive yawning? I realised I had been doing this for some time last week when my husband was off work. I was talking to a friend and could not stop yawning…I have done this for ages and just felt embarrassed each time it happened…when I thought about it I realised I did it frequently and have for some time. It seems to only happen when I am tlaking to someone. Is it MS?

I have a friend with MS who does this all the time. She’s been told by her MS nurse that it is an unusual symptom of MS so I would guess that yours may well be too.

Karen x

Hi Mary

I’ve suffered with this for years and don’t know why, I didn’t realise it could be part of MS symptoms (I’m still undiagnosed). I found this really really awkward at work, especially in meetings in the boardroom, some of the Directors used to make sarcastic comments to me but I just couldn’t help continually yawning. I noticed that it seems particularly bad when having another bad phase about to start, or a shutdown as I call them.

I don’t think there’s any way to control this x