I went to the pub

Yes, I went for a pub lunch.

I had two pints of Guinness and wasn’t worrying about going to the loo.

It was a great catch up with my physio friends. I’m chuffed with the progress but I need to find an efficient way of donning an overcoat whilst in a wheelchair. Don’t you just hate it when it wraps itself around the arm of the chair so you have to take it off and start again? Then, after the effort has put you in a sweat, you wonder if you actually need a coat.

Here is another snippet:



You made me laugh Steve, I always love reading your blogs ,I had to laugh at your welcome party of 80 year old residents all waving flags …did they let off the fire works ? You must be so happy to be home and getting somewhere near to your old routine. It was so good of your friends to look after you it always warms my heart to hear of someone going the extra mile although it was actually 300 miles for them , they must think a lot of you Steve. It’s wonderful to hear that you’ve managed to get out for a pub lunch , lets hope this is the beginning of many more advenrures. As for the overcoat, i know exactly what you mean …i hate feeling like im in a straight Jacket, somehow being in a chair makes me feel claustrophobic especially if im all buttoned up, usually i wear an unbuttoned coat with a blanket over my knee. I’ve ripped many coat pockets on my wheechair, they seem to get caught on the arm rests. Michelle and Frazer xx

Glad you’re getting organised again Steve. It’s wonderful to have good friends, and Guinness. You’re well on the way to complete recovery drinking Guinness! X

Ah, glad some normality is returning

Sonia x

That sounds very positive pleased for you and your friends doing 300 miles, you are obviously thought very highly of and that’s lovely.

A trip to the pub sounds like just what you needed…onwards and upwards now Steve.

Pam x

So pleased you were able to go for a pub lunch. A little normality at last! What lovely friends you have. Sue x

Yay Steve’s a Guiness drinker. Nectar of the gods.

We all need some four leaved Clovers & it seems like you need a Christmas jumper Steve & to ditch that overcoat. You make it seem like a straight jacket & you’re free in the grand population now.

It is blooming cold tho. We need thermol undies & circulation booster stockings.

Take care out there Steve.

Terry is off to make some sounds.

Hey Steve- have missed your last few blogs except the very latest one so didn’t realise what a tough time you’ve had. Blimey, feller! Glad you’re back home and in the pub, no less.

My old dad worked at Guinness Park Royal so he’d be smiling down on you I’m sure. I must have been a disappointment to him, being a real ale bitter man (and actually nowadays just a glass or two of wine.)

You take care and continue getting strong again.