I was able to wear my boots again

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a good New Year.

I went to a friends house last night to see in the New Year and have a party with lots of friends.

When I was getting ready to go out I sat on the edge of my bed and looked at my Caterpillar boots I haven’t been able to wear them in almost 6 years family always said I should give them away there only reminding me of things I used to do and there to heavy I’d never be able to walk in them now, but I always kept them and would look at them now and again and say to myself one day I’ll wear those again, And last night I put them on laced them up and was able to go out in them for the night I felt so happy and they gave me lots of support round my ankle.

I knew you’ll all think I’m easly amused but little things like that can make me feel good I hope Its the start of good things for 2012 :slight_smile:

Mark x


Happy New Year

Karen x

Happy New Year Mark, and well done!!

Mel’s right, it’s the silly little victories that matter, when you do something and think YES, I CAN, HAH! when you weren’t sure if you could or not.

Here’s to 2012 bringing more footwear achievements!

Luisa x

Well done, I love that story, it is so positive. Happy new year. Cheryl:)

Well done, I love that story, it is so positive. Happy new year. Cheryl:)

Well done Mark, another battle won. Let’s hope there will be more for 2012 for you and everyone else.

Happy new year.

Janet x

Great to here Mark, I have a pair of DeWalt rigger boots that I am determined to wear again, your post has given me hope.

Take care.

Happy new year.

Chris R.

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Chris R.

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I’ve looked at my boots for almost 6 years Ghris I never gave up hope I always said to myself 1 day I’ll walk in those again It not much but it feels great when you reach a little goal :slight_smile:


No love, we dont think you must be easily amused, its the seemingly normal things we are able to do, that make us feel good again.

Good for you.

luv Pollx