I think my 10 year old has MS

My 10 year old daughter has been suffering with an array of symptoms for the last 6 months. Most recently she ended up in a & e with numbness in right arm hand and a neurological drift when holding arm up. Her other symptoms range from nausea, headaches, light sensitivity, nose bleeds, neck pain, memory loss, leg weakness, a weakness, tiredness mood swings, spitting up sputum, tightness and a stretching feeling in her chest, burning sensation in her tummy, abdominal pain. Rashes and mottled skin, sneezing, running nose, itchy eyes, panic anxiety.

Shes due to see a paedtrician on Wednesday I’ve kept a detailed diary for over a week and taken photos and videos of symptoms, but I want to know if any of these symptoms ring bells with any of you or your children. ?


MS at the age of 10 would be extremely rare. I’m not saying it can’t be as there are many teenagers diagnosed with it, but it’s just not so likely. You must be out of your mind with worry regardless of the cause.

Keeping a diary is an excellent plan. It gives you something to show the paediatrician and just possibly a neurologist, assuming the paediatrician refers Grace to one.

You should be aware that there are many, many diagnoses that resemble MS in having some similar symptoms. There are some symptoms that you’ve listed that don’t seem very MS-y to me (obviously this is just my view, not any kind of medical opinion). Things like nose bleeds, stomach pains and burning, sneezing and runny nose, and a few others.

So don’t focus too much on MS. The doctor you see tomorrow will want to know what symptoms Grace has, not whether she fits a particular diagnosis. And if s/he thinks the problem is neurological, then I’m sure a referral to neurology will be next.

Best of luck to you and Grace. Let us know what happens.



You must be worried out your mind, I’m at the other end of the age scale so if it was possible to transfer her illness; I would take it off her. Just as the font of knowledge; Sue says it might not be MS. See Hughes Syndrome: simple to treat but all too often ignored Its two symptoms that alerted me; the mottled skin; and the headaches. Discuss it with your GP and if it’s OK for her to take a small amount of Aspirin; it could be all that’s needed to thin her blood. Being she is so young you have caught it in time. Also see All the luck in the world. George

I am very sorry that your child is so unwell - you must be beside yourself with worry. As others have said, MS is a rare condition even among young adults and and very rare among children, but that’s not worth much to you, when you just want to know what’s wrong.

I hope that you have a good consultation tomorrow. Good wishes to you and your family.