I think I've burnt my oesophagus

Hi All, I have had, on rare occassions, a problem with swallowing. Mainly with drinks. I swallow but it shoot back into my mouth. Well last night while eating a hot chunky chip (sorry fry) it happen again but this time it didn’t come back up it just kept trying and all the time I could feel it burning, I could feel myself panicking the more I swallowed the more it stayed there, But I wasn’t choking because it hadn’t gone the wrong way. Eventually I did swallowed it. But I have burnt my oesophagus in the process of at least that what it feel like and now it feels like a deep sore throat and I can’t eat anything, even drinking is sore. Any tips on what I can do to help ease the pain? and stop this happening, or even why it is happening? Thanks Twist