I think iv swallowed a mobile phone . . . . And some one keeps ringing it!

This may sound stupid and it’s probably something else entirely but I feel like there is a ringing mobile phone in my lower abdomen!!

(Avoid the rude jokes please)

iv iv been to my GP and she hasn’t a clue. She’s sending me for a scam to rule out an aneurysm but other than that she’s no clue to what it could be.

im having a rough time symptom wise at the minute and I know Ms like to throw us the odd curve ball here and there and was wondering if anyone else gets anything similar?

it doesn’t hurt, not uncomfortable or painful. It’s just bloody annoying! Lol

yup. i had that. comes and goes. exactly like a moby set to vibrate. and i am not the only one.

although mine was in the ‘shorts department’. and i dont just mean the ‘pleasure zone’, but the entire groin / lower abdomen / upper thighs area. intensity did vary a little. sometimes it spread down to my legs.

An interesting variation, was one in the sole of my left foot. it would buzz for about 3 seconds, stop for about 5, buzz for 3, stop for 5… on and on for hours. this seemed to coincide with anxiety; i had a dental appointment on the day the intermittent buzz reached its peak. after i got drilled and filled, the buzz stopped.

i attribute it to fatigue. not fatigue as in the infamous MS symptom, but purely due to my not giving myself a chance to have enough sleep. ie. behavioural; aka, manageable.

good luck and try not to worry. it is just one of those MS things. You could maybe try to use it as a stress barometer?

Shame your GP’s such a plank.

I know they have to err on the side of caution and all that, but you’re probably going to be subjected to wholly unnecessary investigations for an aneurysm, when it’s just neuropathic buzzing - a very common symptom of MS.

If she was a little better versed in the common symptoms of MS, she wouldn’t be packing you off to look for an aneurysm, in the face of what is a pretty common and benign symptom.

I say benign, because it’s not harmful in itself - just nerve signals getting garbled. But if you’ve had a sudden surge in MS symptoms you do recognise, plus a new one (the buzzing) that you don’t, you might be having a relapse. Far more likely than an aneurysm, anyway.

You’re right - she hasn’t a clue.



That’s exactly it! It’s buuuuuuzzzzzz pause buuuuuuzzzzzz pause buuuuuuzzzzzz pause then will stop for a while! As I say it’s not painful or uncomfortable like other symptoms it’s just irritating!

im having a break from all medications at the min so all symptoms seem to be flaring and giving me a rough time so it seems likely now that it is just another symptom.

iv had worse gPS to be fair, she tried bless her. I do have a good gp with regards to my Ms just getting an appointment with him is very hard as I think every patient loves him!

im seeing my nurse in a couple of weeks so can talk to her about it then.

thanks guys it’s just good to hear (read) that I’m not alone x x

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