I need help idk what to do

I have had tingling in my leg on the outside with one numb part of my leg not to big. When I tickle the bottom of my foot my leg tingles. I hit my head a year ago and I have seen floaters since then. I have headaches a lot and tingly feelings and itch over my body. I get worried easy because my dad has MS. I have been to the neuro and diagnosed with migraines. I see blue or yellow spots sometimes. The neuro did all the standards strength and walking and reflex tests and they were normal. Because of the itchy and tingle feelings I am scared I have ms. I am 20 idk If these are early signs. I have always had bad vision but it’s getting worse slowly. I have blood tests done. I get pins and needles all over sometimes. When I lay down at night the dead feeling or numb patch of skin on my leg gets worse as I walk and durning the day feeling comes back also. I am trying to give all the information I would like some input.

Hi, they reckon MS isnt exactly genetic, but does have some familial liklihood of more than 1 person in a family getting it…if that makes sense!

I am wondering if some of your symptoms could be caused by the damage to your head. What did the neuro say about that?

Is your GP referring back to a neuro, or do you have a follow up appointment.


No after the neuro I haven’t had anything else the gp never even referred me. I went myself to a group of them. The main problem is my itching and tingling and a numb patch of skin on my leg that felt numb one day after I played soccer and it gets better on and off. Idk why it is that. I also get light headed and then eat and feel better. Maybe it is sugar problems or bad circulation.