I look like I've got money apparently....erm?

Brilliant day out today at the armed forces event in Southend. As I sat in my wheelchair watching the stage and old bloke in a military dress uniform made straight for me with his collection bucket and said loudly ’ You look like you’ve got some money!’ Erm??? Excuse me? I was rather amused by his cheek and gave him a fiver…his tactic worked! I thought about this as the day went on. Pondering on whether he was taking the Mickey or whether a wheelchair bound person is likely to be on disability benefits and therefore they are likely to have money. I am still giggling now! Pat

Hi Pat,

Well like you say his cheek worked!!

I used to be a charity fundraiser, I didn’t collect cash though, I was after a regular donation through direct debit, but would often find that the cheekier you were the bigger the donation!


We raised £200 yesterday for Help the Heroes, by having a BBQ with all our friends. Yey !!!

i find that having a chronic illness has made me more aware of how many other people are in greater need than myself

pity that i no longer have my salary so my donations are smaller than i would like

anyway the important thing is that you’re smiling!

carole x

Hi Pat, I bet the old geezer was in Military Intelligence,but whatever he was, he’s now a master extortionist and the Heroes are up a fiver.

Nice one H,my invitation must be stuck in the post

Wb x

Oops…sorry wobbles…next time…

Talking about charity donations and wheelies…sometimes when I am waiting for someone outside a shop, people look at me as if maybe I am collecting money.

I have often wonder how much I would get away with, before the authorities catch on…

No, I wont bother !