I have not done this for 20 years ! Today I did it again :o)

Yep, cant believe it really.  My husband has kitted me out with a new helmet and a Fr@nk Thomas Ladies Bike jacket.. and we went for a ride on his motorbike !

I had forgotten how thrilling it is !  Bit chilly and I could not get my leg over the bike when we got home, but hey, I enjoyed it.

Never say Never !



THANKS! Your post so made me smile. I love to be pillion on the bike. A guy I used to work with takes me out 2/3 times a year-first outing for this year is at end of this month.

We have had to reduce the distance we go cos my legs are like jelly after just a few miles,-I need assistance to get on and off. When I had no use of my hands/arms at all I couldnt get my gloves on-have you ever had someone else try to put motorbike gloves on you?! Serious danger of fingers being broken-combination of floppy and no feeling. BUT, where theres a will theres a way (as they say) The answer was ski mitts! Keep hands cosy on bike and easy for another person to put on me. As for holding on,used my legs rather than arms-but that was my preference pre MS anyways.

Am so delighted that you had a great time-I know EXACTLY how you are feeling re managing to do it!thumbsupSomethings are worth the effort tho eh?!

Ellie xxx

Well done Sammy!  I used to love being pillion on my husband's bike - he sold it not long before he died, and it's something I do miss.  I did bike lessons myself to get my own license, but MS struck with ON a week before my test, so I never did get my bike license.  I'd like to try a trike, you can drive them on a car license, but the nearest place that rents them out is in Elgin, a good 50/60 miles away from me, so that's kind of scuppered too.

Luisa x

Good luck to you Sammy, it brings back such happy memories for me. Glad you enjoyed it.

Janet x

That is so cool.What sort of bike,and can he come and pick me up?



Forget the gloves and try sheepskin mittens.

I had to give gloves up about 2 years ago.  I now use these mittens, it takes me quite a few minutes to get my left hand in and my fingers straight but well worth the effort.

So pleased you arre still doing it. Ann

Thats so lovely to hear, but a smile on my face, go for it girl, take care, Jean x


I took my bike test in London and had a little kawasaki 305 belt driven (no oily chain). When I went to buy it the 

man asked if he could help me. I replied that I wanted to buy a bike I could touch the ground on!! I'm 5'3''!!

Was also pilion on partners VFR750 and Fireblade - loved that and we had intercom so we could chat - had lots of adventures. 

Sold my bike when I was expecting my first child - haven't ridden one since but have been pillion.

The wind in your face and sense of speed is unforgetable.You have inspired me. When the weather gets better I will hop on the back ( with a bit of help) and be taken for a spin.

Enjoy your biking, Jen x


YAY! Sounds brilliant!

Hubby and I had a dream of hitting the road when he retired, toothbrush and credit card in our back pockets, going wherever the mood took us. First we'd need to pass our bike tests though.... lol!

Not so sure I could manage now, but you've inspired me to at least have a go!

Karen x

Brilliant - great to grasp a bit of normality - life in the fast lane