125 to 140 Miles

Well chuffed last weekend i got out on a ride and managed a 125 to 140 mile round trip on 2 wheels , got off the bike walking funny and paid the price all week but ive been grinning from ear to ear all week as i havent made that mileage in 1 day for many many years since i was a courior doing 300+ though this week my legs feel like im walking on the moon and night pain and neck pain from the tremor has been horrendous but hey im chuffed and just thought id share and maybe help folks to look and think of the positives that they can do , now want to do a ride for MS but need a few more runs to get my mileage up more beforehand.

Keep going folks and focus on the positives in life

respect sheep

Thanks for the report Sean!
I try to get out on the Burgee 1 or 2 times a week.
Like you I find higher mileage runs difficult if not impossible of late but it always puts a smile on my face!

Respect My Friend!


Hi buddy keep at it mate and at the end of the day if we only ride 1 mile at least weve rode keep yer eyes in the back of your head pard silly season is upon us :slight_smile:


i have never been in charge of a bike but pillion for years which i loved until 2 yrs ago when i was too ill even to manage that. however i remember the thrill/joy of it all.



Excellent elle shame you couldnt continue but i am not sure i maybe wrong but there was a lady in the last magazine or perhaps the Harley mag that i get but will find out she had MS and they put floow boards for her feet and arm rests for the pillion seat and she was over joyed as she was able to keep going i will find it somewhere bare with me age is kicking in lol :slight_smile:

respect sheep

lol, thanks but its ok. the guy that took me out died earlier this year so i have accepted these days are goneā€¦

as i said-enjoy!


Many thanks elle and im really sorry to hear that at least we have great memories :slight_smile: x

respect sheep