I have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea.

Hi to all, I have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and am going in 2 weeks to get a c/pap Machine for a trail and then one to use every night. Because of the fatigue element this has been said on the website it’s is to do with having MultipleScrelosis is this correct. I have lost some weight and put it back on because of stress ect and I want to loose more but I am finding it hard at the moment to do this. My ligaments in my legs are hurting and so are my legs both of them very ache everyday. Any ideas as 2 why. I will post again when I have been to the sleep apnea clinic. Dolphin_500.

hi dolphin

i don’t know why but a good night’s sleep is a distant memory.

between burning feet, a very dodgy bladder and cramps in my lower legs 3 hours is as good as it gets.

thank goodness for cable telly and for my reading habit.

so i blame my poor sleep on ms.

we are like computers with a very dodgy chip!

that’s my explanation, i understand it and as for everybody else, they should get their own theory!

let us know the outcome of the sleep apnea clinic.

carole x


I was given a Cpap machine for sleep apnea 3 years ago use it every night. take a bit of time to get used to it. I was given it because I used to stop breathing but then suddenly start breathing again which would wake up my partner. Also use it to stop my snoring which it did.

I have a supra pubic catheter connected to a night bsg so don’t have to get up for the loo.

I also take one 4mg Melatonin tablet to help with sleep which it does.

Good luck,

kielyn x

Yep, the chances of a “good night’s sleep” have long gone. The dodgy wiring in my brain let’s me sleep for hours but I wake exhausted, hence the sleep I had was non-restorative (or a waste of time). Like Carole, I think it’s the MS.

Chronic fatigue is a symptom of MS. Sleep Apnea is a separate condition altogether.

Wishing you good luck at the sleep clinic, might be worth checking out the websites, I doubt any health organisation would give wrong info.

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Hi , I commented on this earlier and I just found out that having sleep apnea means you have to inform the DVLA. Because this is nothing to do with MS. They want a second report apart from the one my Dr sent them regarding my MS. A second report from the Sleep clinic at queens sq has been demanded. In order for me to continue driving. I only got involved with this cpap sleep machine because it stop me from snoring if I knew my driving licence was under threat I would of just carried on snoring and not got involved with this. To late now just have to wait and see what they put in the report’ kielynuk……….

I’m unable to get a full nights sleep.HELP