My Life transformed

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and am not using a CPAP machine (constant positive airway pressure) I was sleeping so badly because my snoring woke me up and disturbed my sleep aboutt 27 times an hour. I went for my first check up yesterdayb and with the machine I am down ton 4.8 episodes an hour which is below normal. A simple machine has changed my life, I now have the enegy to do stuff. After the hospital visit yesterday I joined my kids and grandchildren at the beach for a BBQ Something I have not been able to do for the last couple of years because I was always always so exhausted. So it is not down to the MS everytime. I had a couple of GP’s and a specialist tell me “ms is exhausting you cant expect to do all the things you did do” But now I am able to do more than I did do.

Hey that’s great news!!!

Well done Hoppity!

Just goes to show… don’t always believe the specialists! They can get it wrong too.

Pat x

Hi Hoppity,

You must be feeling great! It’s lovely to be able to beat something (especially when it was being blamed on MS).

So happy for you



Hi Hoppity

That’s good news, I am so pleased for you.

Pam x

I’m also very pleased for you. Your quality of life will surely improve with this. Enjoy all you can now do!

Cath x

Hey Hoppity, Well done - sounds like your life is back on track! Glad you can enjoy things with your family again. Teresa xx

So pleased for you take care, M

Good news! It’s awful when you don’t get enough sleep :frowning:

When we visited the neuro and saw my head MRI, I said to my husband afterwards “see, I can’t help snoring and I doubt it’ll ever get better” - my sinuses are a right old mess lol

Enjoy your newfound energy :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Thanks for your kind comments yes it has made such a difference. All I have got to do now is get out of this wheelchair again but I will settle for what I have got

I am so pleased with the machine and it has gone so well that when I saw the sleep specialist yesterday he discharged me and said his job is done any problens with the machine contact the office and stuff like spares can be mailed out. He was a really nice guy and he even used a fountain pen you dont see that very often