I guess this makes it official...

“The MRI scan of the brain revealed multiple periventricular demyelinating lesions and a few further deep white matter changes. This, along with the cervical cord demylineation would support a diagnosis or demyelination in this patient. I am, therefore, seeking an opinion from my consultant colleague Dr######, sho has an interest in multiple sclerosis.”

(Lumbar puncture clear, btw).

…I now have yet another wait for an appointment with somone else. Timeline thus far, fyi;

Mid October 12: appointment with GP

Early November 12: neuro appointment

Late December 12: cervical spine MRI

Late February 12: brain mri

Mid March 13: LP

Mid April 13: Initial diagnosis

(six months and counting…)

???: new neuro appointment…


I know it seems painfully slow, but at least they seem to be getting somewhere at last!

It does sound like MS is on the cards, but there are other causes of demyelinating lesions which the specialist will have to consider so there’s still a chance it is something else.

Hopefully the appointment doesn’t take too long to come through and you get a final decision on the diagnosis sooner rather than later!

Karen x

Hi, I was on the Barts MS Blog recently and the prof there said that he does not think that people with a clear LP can have “true MS”. You should go on there and take a look. Another thing I read is that pwms with a clear LP seem to have a milder disease coarse. You should take a look on the Barts Blog site and search for “negative OB bands”.

Take Care

Moyna x