I feel such an idiot

a few months ago my brother asked me to find links to hotels so he could stay in one this month, in the area where I live, I did that getting rather excited about seeing my big brother, not seen him since my dx in 2006, I’ve been honest with him telling him I’ve deteriorated since I last saw him

but yesterday I sent him a message by text asking his if hes managed to book a hotel with the link I sent him, only to be told hes in Dorset until Saturday, I just feel such a fool, I was soo looking forward to seeing him again, the rest of my family have dropped me like a brick, once I was dx, I feel soo emotional with it all, I’m just hoping its not what he going to do.

Al x

That’s awful. Your family should be your main form of support. Perhaps you should talk to your brother when you do see him? I hope that you have very supportive friends. Its a tough condition without support and with it you’ll be in a much better position to stay strong, positive, and fight it xx

is he just in dorset until saturday? is he planning to visit you after that?

maybe send another text telling him how much you are looking forward to seeing him.

i don’t kniw how old your brother is but in my experience (hubby 58, sons 23 and 24) men don’t make plans the way that we do.

also some men need things spelling out for them.

(i’m not having a go at men)

carole x

I will send him another text like you suggested carole, And yes anon mens brains do work diferently to us women, my brother was 50 in April

its soo difficult to even cope with my MS, its only after reading your answers its made me realise how my maternal family have tossed me to one side I only have my husband and our son as my support,

its making me very emotional reading this, its really hitting me hard, as you say life for us msers life it tough enough as it is they have just added to the stress.

Al x


No wonder you feel emotional. I think most of us assume our families will support us, always. I cannot imagen how it must feel to not have that, MS or not.

Can you tell any of them, or perhaps write to them, to explain how you feel?

For now, cherish the support of your husband and son.

I do hope you feel better soon.

Clare x