Feeling stupid

I saw the neuro on Wednesday for my review, which should have taken place at the end of May. I was expecting to be told which type of MS I’ve got and have got pretty stressed about it over the last few months as the appointment has been delayed considerably.

I’ve also had alot of other stuff going on, and on the morning of my appoinment had a call from my daughter’s school to say they are concerned about her, and would like to refer her for counselling.

I also had to rope in a friend to drive me there, as my virtigo is playing up badly.

Anyway, neuro was running an hour late, and I was feeling really rough by the time I got to see him, and he had a medical student with him. He’s a nice guy, bit wierd, but generally OK. Anyway, he prodded and poked, seemed to want a repeat of my entire life history, and eventually concluded he couldn’t be sure what type i have, was again concerned about my pineal cyst, and wants another scan.

I’m afraid I lost it a bit! I’d like to get started on DMD’s if I’m able, but I’ve waited since January to see him in May, which never happened, now I’ve got to wait for another scan and a follow up appointment. I’d put my hopes on an answer one way or the other, and its like being back in limbo!

However, I feel bad and stupid for loosing it a bit in there, he must have thought I was nuts! I’m normally very calm, and polite, and it’s out of character for me to loose composure!

Should I e-mail him and apologise and explain, or just leave it? I’m sure he’s used to people behaving oddly, but I feel bad, and anxious as I don’t want it to affect was has been a good dr/patient relationship.


I don’t think there’s a right / wrong approach, apology might at least put you in a favourable light :slight_smile: He’s certainly know then that you were frustrated

See I’m kind of on the flipside, my neuro told me at the 2nd appointment in July that I’m “likely” to have PPMS and didn’t want to see me back for a year, so I would say that whilst you’re frustrated, it’s looking more positive wouldn’t you say?

I remember being propared ready for the quesion about DMDs and it never came… but that wasn’t too unexpected either.

Good luck hunny

Sonia x

I’d email the neuro to apologise and maybe expain why you behaved so out of character.

Was it not possible that he was only going over old ground for the benefit of the student ??

(…further, I strongly suspect neuros don’t enjoy having to ‘train’ students any more than we ‘patients’ like having them sit-in on our consultations!! Just a necessary part of the job - and even if someone is fantastic at their job, it doesn’t automatically make them a good teacher !!)

Email your neuro and see what he says in reply? I’m sure you taking the time & trouble to get in touch will be appreciated.

Good luck,


Thanks guys, I think I will drop him a line.

It’ll make me feel better I think.

Sonia, I was told right from the start he thought it was a progressive form, till I saw him in January, when he said he wanted me to keep a detailed log for 4-5 months, as my other health problems were making it difficult to be certain what was causing what. I’d resigned myself up till then, and then felt a glimmer of hope!

Dom, you’re probably right that much was for the benefit of the student, but it felt like the inquisition that day, and as I can’t speak too well at the mo, it was hard going.

Thanks again xx

Hello Hunny.

I hope neuro apologised for keeping you waiting an hour?

If it makes you feel better to email an apology then go ahead…it can’t hurt.

I can assure you the neuro will understand that you were feeling stressed…you won’t be his first stressed patient.

It will have been good practice for the medical student…give him/her a taste of things to come Lol

Don’t feel too bad or stupid, your just human!! we all lose it now and again.

Take care, Noreen

Thanks Noreen, you’re probably right, I’m sure he sees far worse!

Have dropped him a brief line though x

I am sure that neurologists are used to people getting a bit overwrought with understandable anxieties. It happens, and it isn’t the end of the world. But it sounds as though you would feel more comfortable going into your next consultation as ‘the person who lost it a bit last time and said sorry’ rather than as ‘the person who lost it a bit last time and might be a bit bonkers’.

Drop him a note or an email. Then you can forget all about it.


Thanks Alison, you are right, I don’t want him to think I’m nuts, but I also hate to offend, so I have e-mailed and the knot has gone from my tummy! xx