I feel like €$¥*

Thanks to hubby, who has proper flu. I have never felt so totally and utterly wiped out. Cannot move, I feel so weak. Just wanted a moan!!! Flu on top of MS relapse is no fun what so bloomin ever!!

Actually, d’ya know what else??..I really, truly feel like crying my bloomin eyes out. And I never cry.

Oh no, poor you xx Sending huge big hugs xx I hope you feel better very soon, I’ve only had flu once and it was horrid, you just don’t know what to do with yourself :frowning: Have a good cry, if nothing else to get the frustration out that you have the damn flu and MS - not fair!!! Sam xx

You need chocolate mrs h place ya order. Hope you feel better soon in trying to help my 9 year old through it absolutly exhausting so god help me if I get it and my other 3 kids. Lots of pre chocolate fixes I think

Thought you’d been absent recently Catherine. Sorry to hear that you are feeling so bad. Those flu jabs are key I think! Keep warm and lots of fluids! Hope you feel better soon. Teresa xx

Oh Mrs H So sorry you’re feeling so shizer. Have a good cry - if you’ve an empty house play Coldplay’s Fix You loudly, sing along and sob your heart out. Life has dealt you a crap hand and it’s time to release those deep emotions. It’s completely fine to feel sorry for yourself and scream ‘why me?’ every now and then. When the flu is over, the relapse will start lifting and you’ll come out of your hibernation stronger than ever. Wish I lived nearer and could help.

Love and hugs


Oh no! (((((HUGS)))))

I hope you feel better soon. Lots and lots of chocolate biscuits as soon as you’re up to it! (And a flu jab next year!!!)

Karen x

Thank you all. I can’t even bring myself to eat chocolate. I feel terrible. Everything hurts. And the fatigue is overwhelming. I have a flu jab booked for 28th. Typical. And d’ya know what else…I never wanted this in the first place and certainly want rid NOW. Sick of being sick. I just wanna wake up and find out that it’s been a horrid dream. Totally and utterly ticked off with illness, life and the whole bloody universe can just do one. Right now.

'Flu totally sucks and is not famous for making people feel merry and bright. You just hibernate and write everything off for a few days. It will feel so lovely when you start to feel better!


x .

Sometimes it’s all too much I know x Hang on in there & get well soon lovely xxx

NOT ABLE TO EAT CHOC !!! That is not good.

I have only had it once in my life but to this day I can vividly remember how horrible it is. There is nothing I can say to help you except it will pass with time,and as a small bonus at least you will of got it over and done with by Christmas.

Take care


That is proper illness that is. Docs should take that seriously. You know you’re really really ill then

I. AM. REALLY. PROPERLY. SERIOUSLY. ILL. SICK. That’s my am-dram moment over!! I slept through the last couple of days and am actually feeling a teeny, weeny smidgen better today. I have never been so totally floored by something but can only guess that going through a relapse has exacerbated flu or vice versa. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes and thoughts. Am off to crawl back under my little rock. Xx

Glad you are coming out the other side.

Take care.

I will know when you are properly better by your posts and their content. Even if you went anon if it was daft and made us chuckle we will know its you.


I think that the only way is up now. Within a day or so hopefully you’ll feel better… In fact, once you fancy chocolate again - you’ll know that you’re better. Teresa xx

What a shame…you’ll just get better and the 21/12/12 apocalypse will be here!

I hope the Mayans were wrong. My three older sons are waiting for it all to end tomorrow! Teresa xx

I’ll be alright…I live in a parallel universe!!

Yep your def on the mend.


Hi all Today is the first day since flu started that I feel better. It’s been hell and so has Xmas because of it. The blighter has put my MS symptoms back to nearly square one though. Everything is back with a vengeance. I have dropped two glass bowls in two days because of lack of grip…hubby laughed and said I was doing it on purpose to get him to take me kitchen gadget shopping!! I love stuff for the kitchen!! I’m a proper Nigelisima!! One of them was a red spotty favourite though, so secretly, I was gutted. Anyway today was flu jab day so at least the same thing won’t happen again next Xmas. Onwards and upwards. This relapse started at the end of August and I have been off work sick, since. Surely things will take a turn for the better soon?? Xx