I feel like crying!

Yeh, take the offer of a lunch date up.

She probably didnt realise or think the venue wasnt accessible to you.

Things like that still smack me in the face occassionally.

luv Pollx

Hi Flowerpot

Glad to hear your husband is okay and hope the stress hasn’t taken too much out of you. I know that feeling only to well! My husband had “possible” TIA and two chest pain scares. The first heart scare kept him in hospital ten day (thanks to it being Easter!) most of which was in a hospital 30 miles away, luckily near where my son lives so I stayed with him and his family. Now when ever my husband says he has a chest pain (they have never found out what causes it!) I tease him that he just fancies a rest and lots of attention :slight_smile:


hi flowerpot,

i’m so glad that your hubby’s ok, i was literally hand to mouth, gobsmacked, when i got to the part of the post where you said what you were dealing with. with regard to your former colleagues, you’ve already concluded that it isn’t so much that you’d be missing… but it’s ok for any of us to be upset by this sort of thing. no-one else can tell you that something is ‘trivial’ there’s just how you feel about it. thankfully we can all come here to be understood by people dealing with these sorts of issues, too, i know that i’m always glad of it.

both of you take care,

wendy xx