I Deleted Documentary Thread

Just a little note to let those who answered my “Documentary Thread” know that they are not imagining that the thread never existed as it has disappeared. I deleted it myself as I didn’t want to spoil peoples enjoyment. I think my thread was taken as a spoiler, which is not what I intended. Those of you who know me well will know this.

Keep smiling!!

Shazzie xx

I don’t know you from Adam (or should that be Eve?) but i never thought any deliberate effort to spoil anything was ever entered into.

In this information age, spoilers are a mere fact of life. Warnings of such potential content are a mere courtesy. I would have averted my gaze far more readily than i would have expected anyone to delete an entire thread.

I therefore think you have over-reacted somewhat, but in any event, I thank you for your consideration. Give me time to see four more episodes (i.e. tonight) and i will be the one threatening with spoilers. Lenk is about to testify… the bastard!

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Thank you Paolo. Best keep something to punch handy. Something soft of course Lol!!


That’s the trouble with on-demand taking over from live broadcasts, isn’t it, Shazzie?

You can no longer discuss “last night’s” TV, knowing most people who want to will already have seen it.

I studiously avoided The Bridge thread (I think it was Carole’s) for similar reasons. I was at least a couple of episodes behind on iPlayer, and whilst I was sure it wasn’t deliberately posted as a spoiler, I was also pretty sure that once I opened the thread, I’d read things that would spoil it for me. So I avoided discussion of it at all, or reading reviews, or anything.

I suppose it all started with the advent of the video recorder, but is much worse now, as nobody necessarily sees anything on the day it’s aired.

Gone are the days there was on anything on TV that 90% of people would have watched, and you felt left out if you were in the 10% that hadn’t.

I do think it’s a courtesy to mention in the title if your post contains possible plot-spoilers, but as far as I can see, your original post didn’t - but you have no control over how people reply (this is where an “edit” function would be so useful - you could amend a title to mention the thread contains spoilers, if that’s the route it goes down).

Like Paolo, I do think it’s a bit drastic to delete a whole thread people have already spent time and effort replying to - especially when pretty much everyone here is ill. I’m afraid I don’t find it very amusing when I’ve bothered to reply, and somebody deletes the whole thing - except, of course, where it was done by the mods, because it was deemed to be a spammy or trolling thread, or otherwise in contravention of the rules.



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i didn’t see anything that would have classed as a spoiler.

i’m also confident that my post about the bridge didn’t contain any spoilers.

surely we were just trying to make friends aware of a good drama?

carole x

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Thank you Carole for “getting it”.


Spoiler Alert

I never actually stated spoilers were shared, but merely expressed a concern that such were possible. As such, i hadn’t even read the thread prior to it being deleted.

However, spoilers can be far more subtle than an intricate description of the plot or a single scene; for example, suggesting that one should have something soft to hit, hardly implies that a happy ending is imminent… unless you are predisposed to punching things out of joy / relief?

Mind you… when does anything work out well for moronic, delinquent, trailer trash? I mean… if justice was soundly served would this have made a story worthy of a TV documentary?

one thing that can said, which has no bearing on the story’s outcome: the theme tune is awesome!


are you talking about the tune from the bridge?

choir of young believers - hollow talk

i love it to bits!

carole x