I blow hot and cold do you?

Hi there. I have posted something on another thread but then realised that I really wanted to ask a question about symptoms. Originally many years ago I used to suffer from excessive sweating and I’d get very irritable when hot. I believe this was caused by a fall which sent my nervous system out of kilter for a few years but this has all but stopped now. However when I wash my hair and have a shower/bath the water has to be just about warm and even in the middle of winter I have to have a fan on in my room and the window open a lot of the time. More recently there has been a shift and this is where I would appreciate any comments as I keep asking this question but getting no real answer. For about two/three years now I have had a problem with temperature control from the point of view of being excessively cold. I would wake up in the middle of the night approximately once/twice a month and I would be shaking uncontrollably, I’d wake up mainly because I needed to go to the toilet desperately (I have CFS/ME) and I would shiver for up to 15 minutes (usually it lasts about 10). I thought it might be the menopause but my GP has said not as I was too young and I find that this feeling comes about at irregular times both during or before/after my monthlies. My teeth will chatter and the other day I was in such a rush to get to the bathroom that I slipped on the stairs. It is not relative to heat/cold as the shivers come on irregularly and it is not due to my body being cold all over as I don’t feel physically cold on the outside so whatever it is it is internal. I don’t feel unwell as such, only shivery and after this episode I go back to normal. I know this in itself is not a symptom of CFS/ME although the need to go toilet during the night is and I’ve read somewhere that temperature control is an MS issue but instead of a symptom checker I would really like to hear from someone who has had a similar experience whether MS/ME/FM related to see if I can shed some light on it. Many Thanks. Liz