I better be careful

How true it this. You’ve just gotta love a man who tells the truth

During a lady’s medical examination, the doctor says:-

"Your heart, lungs, pulse and blood pressure are all fine.

Now let me see the bit that gets you ladies into all kinds of trouble."

The lady starts taking off her underwear but is interrupted by the doctor.

“No! No! Don’t remove your clothes… Just stick out your tongue!”

That`s another little belter Wb!


Have you noticed how we are saying nothing, Wb?

Yeth couth youth schtiking thour thung uouthgt

Wb x

Ever stuck your tongue out for a really long time til it goes all dry! Then when it goes back in it feels really fat!!! Or is that just me who does that! JBK x

No,I’ve never needed to be that rude.

Wb x

That sounds exactly like me when I had my first ever symptoms, how did you know?! It was a bit of a b when I was admitted to a hospital that was closed to visitors due to a vomiting bug and could only have phone contact with friends and family.

T x