Sticking tongue out

I stuck my tongue out at my younger nephew this morning, and it started almost twitching and retracting itself. Has anyone else had this? It’s obviously not a big problem but it’s intriguing.

Hi Mrs C

I haven’t had it myself but when I see my neuro he always asks me to stick my tongue out.

Sorry can’t be any more help.

Take care

Shazzie x

Aaah. I think I’ve discovered why. Mine has a right party, it’s quite funny. My nephews copy me.xx

I’ve not had this either, but my neuro also asked me to stick my tongue out, frown and various other things I thought were a waste of time at my last appointment…maybe there was a reason for it after all then! He never explained why and I never got the chance to ask, as he took a phone call during my appointment and after 10 minutes I got up and left. Sorry I can’t be of any help either, Fizzy x

I can’t grin or frown without some facial muscles twitching. It’s all quite new, and because my GPs urgent review letter hasn’t reached neuro and my nurse is on leave til next week I’m stuck. The tongue bit is a bit scary… what if it’s moving a bit at rest and tires? Will it go stiff or floppy?x

Ooh that sounds unpleasant. My neuro always asks me to stick my tough out. I was also constantly asked to do that when I have been taken to hospital. Can you feel it twitching when it is inside your mouth or is it only when you stick it out? I don’t really know why I’m asking that as I couldn’t offer you any advice. I can’t imagine your tough going stiff. If you are really worried about it causing you a significant problem could you get an appointment with your GP and ask them that question and if they are concerned hey could send you to the hospital as an emergency. Sorry not much help Barney

I meant tongue not tough silly me

Tongue is like my face in general, it moves a bit most of the time but more so when tired or too warm. This infection needs to jog on so I can see what I’m left with. The tongue thing is new though.

Just wondered how many of us are sticking our tongue out when reading this? I am.

Sounds horrible Mrs C. Same sort of thing as the crawling sensation I suppose.

Hope it improves soon.

Shazzie xx

Hopefully everyone is having a good go. The crawling sensation makes me want to rip my face/leg/hand/stomach off (out of frustration), tongue doesn’t feel that odd in comparison. I think because I’ve got full sensation I can deal with it.x