I am still in bed after this

Bowels such a small word but I am still in bed because of that small word read about it on my Disabled Don Blog

Worry is a dividend paid to disaster before it is due. Ian Fleming true words from Ian fleming but MS makes us all worry

Now I worry when my bowels are going to give me another disaster. OHH THE JOYS OF MS

Have a good day



i read and understood and felt every word…


Thanks ellie its a shame you know what I mean.


I’ve read your blog Don and really feel for you and Heather. Gave a suggestion you could try on the PPMS forum.

Take care

I’ve got that T shirt too. I’m so afraid that one of these accidents may occur away from home if I haven’t “been”, so to speak, before we have to go out anywhere.

I try to live with the maxim “Try not to worry too much about what might happen because it might not”

but the potential for disaster is too great on this one.


Hi Don, hope you’re feeling a bit better today. I read your blog and can also, like many others in our MS world, totally empathise with all you said. I’m SPMS and was DX’d in 2000 so like you I have had to live and learn with this disease. I just want to give up completely and retire to bed and stay there as it’s the only place where I can actually feel normal and safe for a time. Everyone keeps telling me that I mustn’t but unless your living it I don’t think alot of people understand what is happening with us. I have bladder issues and am aware that it could also affect the bowels. No doubt that will come along at some point, the bladder is bad enough! We have to soldier on, so good luck and I hope you get some support from somewhere else soon. Heather sounds wonderful by the way. Alot of people don’t get that it affects our OH’s as well. Linda x

Thanks folks I am sorry that you all know how I am feeling but its sort of nice to know I ain’t on my own. This is my third day in bed, I just woke up when my mate and vicar came to visit.

Had nice chat now knackered again