I am currently undergoing neurology assessment

I have been getting tests done, for the last 3 months.
I have had brain mri but neurologist isnt happy and wants to do more.
Its looking like i may have MS…
It started with numbness on my left thigh, which started around 18 months ago.
2 months ago my vision went, i had double vision… thats when i went to my opticians and he referred me to hospital… i was then told it looks like MS…
The double vision has settled… my vision is 20/20 now…
I feel fine, strong and fit…
But mentally im not. Im really struggling…
I have been off work on the sick for 3 month’s…
My employer wont have me back at work as they are worried about what is happening to me…
The neurology association seems to take forever to happen.
Im just left sat at home, no money , etc. And wondering what is happening to me.
Im a 35 yr old male. Married with 2 kids…
Basically i need help and i dont know what to do.

You should be getting more support from work. Fit notes tend to be a maximum of 3 months, so when that runs out you should return to work. Talk to your GP and confirm if you are fit to work. Talk with GP about wider “what to do” situations - chances are he will refer you to somebody for a chat. Then talk to HR / OH and a phased return with light duties. They can’t just kick you out. Are you still being paid? What do you do? Small / large employer?


Yes im on SSP.
My GP gave me a fit note to return to work but my employer wanted an independent consultation done. I had that 2 months ago and the doctor there wrote in the report that i shouldnt do any safety critical work… ( its all safety critical at my job)… so for that reason my employer has kept me on SSP…
I work for a large fabrication/welding company…
My GP , my optician and the neurologist thats dealing with me have all backed my return to work but my employer isnt happy as they are aware that i could have MS.

Particularly if you’ve been there over 2 years, they can’t prevent you from returning to work - you have rights. Putting you on SSP is like starving you out - it’s not a living wage. They should have put you back on normal wages - without a sick note, the Co can’t claim SSP back.

Your employer is demonstrating a fear and lack of understanding of MS. No harm in getting a second opinion but even if you are not safe operating heavy machinery, they have to offer you alternative work, retraining etc. They can’t sack you or make you redundant for being ill. It sounds like they’re hoping you’ll disappear of your own accord.

You may need some professional advice. Do you have an insurance policy - perhaps a house policy - that might provide extended cover for things like this?

Yes id say your absolutely spot on there.
My company is definitely waiting for me to dissappear…
I think i need to get some legal advice maybe and call for a meeting with HR.
There is definitely more they could be doing to support me.

I would write to HR, outlining your concerns about your treatment, written as a ley person rather than in prepared legalese. Things like “my understanding is that if I am unable to continue in my current position, the company should offer me alternative options and possibly assist with retraining and adaptations of the workplace to improve comfort and efficiency”. It’s a loose sort of sentence but should flush 'em out if they were looking to contradict you. Important that the letter includes words like “I remain committed to the company, enjoy coming to work and will do whatever it takes to adapt to circumstances so that I can continue to be a productive & effective member of staff”. If it ever goes to tribunal, that sort of sentence puts down a marker.

If they come back defensive, that’s the time to get advice. Start with places like CAB and perhaps even MS Society. They may recommend some paid-for professionals.

Another point: being a large company, it’s possible you’re not the only person doing (or could do) your job. They couldn’t use the redundancy route without consultation and involvement of your colleagues as alternative candidates, which could be disruptive not only to you but the others dragged in.

Thank you so much for your help.
I sent an email to my employer this morning asking for a meeting with HR to discuss my circumstances etc… so im waiting to hear back on that.
They probably want to pay me off but they cant as they are so busy just now and are recruiting more and more workforce all the time.
CAB is a good idea. Im going to contact them and have a chat about my situation…
Thank you, i really appreciate your help.
Im hoping i can get some answers as to whats happening to me soon. The not knowing is very difficult…

Olly, I think sometimes employers over think things and worry about the what ifs, as in liability if anything happens to you or someone else. Rather than find a solution it is easier to bury their heads in the sand.

You need to get clued up on your rights not to whip your employer with but to be better informed yourself.
As Graeme says and as I see you have done involve HR.

Only a couple of weeks back I had a similar meeting with HR. I was worried that I would be put into capability, they said that was a long way off. In fact they had a duty of care and before there was any discussion of capability they had to legally put forward some adaptations.

To be honest I am still worried but I am working with their suggestions to be reviewed at some later date.

Hopefully you will get a response from your HR, let us know how you get on.