Is it just me? But sometimes I do feel like a hypochondriac, when I speak to my nurse or see my gp about something. I constantly think everything is related to my ms (well within reason)

Sometimes I think it could just be one of those things & I don’t want to cause a fuss. But then it could be related.

Why’s ms so confusing

Hi if youve already been diagnosed, then why should anyone think you are a hypochondriac? Problems with chronic illnesses are often difficult to describe. But try to do do in a calm and polite way, then hopefuly youll be listened to.

You won`t be seen as making a fuss and besides, not mentioning problems could lead to you being even more poorly, eh?

luv Pollx

True. I think it due to when I do someone in the medical profession they don’t pass comment, which makes me think I’m reading too much into stuff. Does that make sense?


the medical staff have the theory. we have the experience. ideally u find an effective listener who is neuro/gp/nurse and u work together to reach a solution to the issues u have. matching u to that person is the hard bit-i think so anyway! good luck-it may take a while…


yeah its hard to put across what we feel at times.

And i alwys come away thinking ive only put across 1/3 of what i was trying to say.

I’m the same Emfraserburgh

I don’t like giving a huge list of every little thing

hiya both

could u email gp with main points before ur appt? then u both know what u r dealing with.

cos this works so well with gp i have started doing same with neuro.

worth asking?


I do email my nurse, if I’ve got a question that’s really bothering me. But I don’t like to bother her

Not sure I could with gp, I’ve got an appointment on Friday could mention it then

Yes, I feel like a complete hypochondriac now. Every single unusual thing that I experience I wonder if it’s just a random occurence or my brain misbehaving. I’m trying to discipline myself to record everything but I keep forgetting (and not in a brain misbehaving way).

I too feel as if I am coming across as being a hypochondriac, I have a lot of health problems quite apart from MS

and so have to prioritise what I say at a GP app because my GP only like to deal with one thing at a time…not really helpful as how do I know if they are related things or all different.

What I do these days is write down the things I want to say about and hand him the list when I go in and then

he SOMETIMES allows me the luxury of discussing more than one issue :slight_smile:

Sometimes I come out with the list still in my pocket as I either get the feeling its a bad day to produce a list…or brain fog forget !!!

At the moment I need a re-referal to ENT…they told me to come back when I had a flare of ear probs then when I did they said get a new referal and wouldn,t see me.

I need to get a referal for a breast ultrasound ( saw doctor a couple months ago and she said she thought it was cysts she could feel and not to worry…but I have had breast cancer and want to be sure. Going private £250 for the scan but still need referal. Only going private cause I feel like a drain on my GP surgery.

Also need some changes to leg braces I have, prescribed by NHS hospital orthotics but because I have not actually seen them for over a year got to be re refered for that by GP too. Last week told our OT hand spling dept is closing so no more help there…they have been making me bespoke hand splints and differend ones for night time wear for 5 yrs but can not do it anymore…luckily I was just in time to get new day splints made, one last month and the other next week.

I have been told I need a knee joint asap but also told it might be 2 yrs. Other knee on the way out but will not do that yet anyway due to being 62 not 65 ! If they put me on the list now I will be 65 when my name comes up :slight_smile:

I have already gone private to get my PA B12 injections increased as my GP won,t budge on every 10 weeks. I get a prescription and inject every week. My GP was informed by the private doctor but I think…hope he has chosen to ignore it.

I could go on even more but am sure I have put you to sleep by now.

Point is we DO have multiple issues, some MS some not. When will they listen ???

After they walk in our shoes for a week. :frowning:


Ell, your not a drain on your gp surgery. If you need to see them then you need to go. There’s plenty of people who go for daft things like a cold, so you shouldn’t feel that way :slight_smile:

Maybe you need to find a new gp, I don’t like to go about daft things (well that seem daft to me) so I usually wait till I get a second daft thing. But if you have more than one thing you should be able to mention it.

Is that what brain fog, randomly forgetting stuff?

elljay, that is really out of order from your GP, you shouldve been referred immediately for investigation of the breast lumps. And you shouldnt have to go privately either. I would seriously think about changing GP or putting a complaint in via your local commisioning group. Having MS does not make you immune to other conditions and some of the treatments put you at higher risk of serious illnesses.

Sorry to shout at you!! I just get so upset when people feel like this.