Am I a hypochondriac?

Hi Last week I visited my GP about fatigue which has been an issue for me for over a year now and about tingling fuzzy feeling down my arms which I’d had for over a week. This is on top of weeks here and there of restless legs which I’ve had for about 6 months. I’ve had three episodes of about a week long during which I find it hard to sleep. Previous visit to a GP said it was likely due to my antidepressants and the fatigue due to stress. I stressed that I didn’t feel normal anymore, my joints ached and I had an overwhelming desire to sleep sometimes first thing in the morning. This second visit was with a more sympathetic GP who has referred me to a Neurologist. My appointment is in 8 months time. My husband is not bothered. Its obvious he thinks it’s just something and nothing. I get ticks in my family face, hands and legs but it’s not seem by anybody else. Feel like I’m going mad.


keep on talking to your doctor, an understanding gp is someone to cherish.

if my gp hadn’t been lovely i would have gone stark raving mad.

perhaps your gp would prescribe provigil or modafinil, although most would rather not.

i have been taking melatonin which i bought from amazon.

8 months is a long time to wait, try to stay relaxed.

avoid stress because it just makes the symptoms worse.

Hi HelMac

You are definitely not; you have real problems that you want real answers for.

I’ll show you an article by a doctor about the diagnosis procedure. You will see it’s a quite normal thought process; to think your Hypo;

I’m not saying it is MS; that only a neurologist can do; I’m saying you’re not a Hypo.


Thank you both for responding. Feeling a little better about things. Had a great night’s sleep and a tingle free day yesterday which recharged the batteries. Last night was back to tossing and turning trying to get comfortable with legs that felt “odd” and heavy arms.