M.E diagnosis but not so sure

I’m after some advice. What is the best way to broach the subject with a g.p about MS. A bit of history i was diagnosed with m.e almost ten years ago i was a teenager. When following all the rules its supposed to get manageble but mine has been getting progressivly worse. I fit a lot of symptoms of MS but also lots of m.e except for the fact its getting worse and worse. Now i’ve had this diagnosis for a long time the doctors seem reluctant to think its anything else. I’m wrestling with feelings that i’m a hypochondriac for thinking its something worse then m.e but at the same time the last few years i cant help but think its not right whats happening and it doesn’t fit.

A good starting point is to tell your GP that you think there is something else wrong with you, not just ME. Explain what symptoms have worsened, with dates if you can remember them (don’t be afraid to take some notes with you if you don’t trust your memory).

Don’t tell him what you think it is, doctors like to make their own minds up and in any case, Dr Google is the biggest quack out there!

Good luck.

its very tempting to say “just ME” however, it can have a devastating effect on your health. Ive had it for 5 years and can no longer do loads of things I used to, it causes parastesia and numbness, pain, heart issues, immunity issues and there are 3 degrees of it, mild moderate and severe. People with severe cant even sit up in bed. You should ask to be refered to a CFS service- there are quite a few across the NHS and you can have a variety of treatments from CBT to pain management and OT assessments. If you dont manage ME properly it can get worse, so you need help to learn to cope.

Having ME also doesnt make you immune to other issues, so it is worth asking for help ensuring other issues are ruled out. Be open and honest with your concerns, if it helps take someone with you when you explain to the GP your concerns.