Diagnosis MS or ME

I was told in 2004 that I had ME/CFS. Since this time my symptoms have developed to include visual problems, spasms, bladder issues, swallowing problems and cognitive impairment. I believe that I may have MS however I am extremely nervous of approaching my GP with my thoughts. I definitely need more assistance than I currently get I.e medication and advice. I think I need blood tests and maybe a head MRI ?

Hi @AmandMas. If you are worried you need to start somewhere and going to the GP is a good start. I know from personal experience that it can be hard, will they take me seriously etc., be polite and firm. Say you are concerned about your symptoms and would like them investigating. That is what I had to do and it worked, I have been referred to a neurologist. Hopefully, by approaching your GP you will start the process of getting some answers. In the meantime, keep posting you will no doubt some get additional advice.