MS or ME

I was diagnosed with ME in January 1997. Although I am mostly better than I was over the last few years my symptoms have changed gradually. Over the lat few months I have noticed lots more memory problems, co-ordination problems, weakness in arms (sometimes it feels like mini spasms as if i have exercised too hard … but I haven’t exercised) sometimes legs, increase in muscular spasms and twitches, balance problems, sometimes my eyes won’t focus properly on something and it seems as if things are moving. I am permanently exhausted but don’t get a restful sleep as I get very uncomfortable in bed. I find i have problems gripping things and drop a lot of stuff simply because i havent gripped it when i think i have. My gp has just prescribed amitryptiline for the spasms and it works a bit but mostly just leaves me spaced out. Starting to feel like a hypochondriac! Does it sound like MS?

Hi Sally,

There’s no symptom you’ve mentioned that absolutely couldn’t be MS, but on the other hand, they’re common to hundreds of other conditions too, so there’s nothing that positively screams MS as the only likely explanation.

I do not know very much about ME, except that there can be quite a lot of overlap with MS. I’m not sure, but I do not think ME would usually show abnormalities on MRI. whereas MS normally would. I wonder if you’ve ever had an MRI, or if it’s been suggested that you should?



I haven’t had an MRI yet. I have an eye test booked for this week just to make sure some of the issues aren’t linked to ageing eyesight ( I am 44). My GP ( who s fab btw) has prescribed me some amytriptyline for the spasms and I am hoping when it properly kicks in that I will be more rested and some more of the current issues will be eliminated. I am worried, the ME has progressed through many stages in the last 16 years but nothing quite like I am experiencing right now. I am due to see my GP in 4 weeks time and if I am still worred I will throw my concerns at her and see if she shares them or will have another explanation for me. My posting on here is really research I suppose, sort of hoping my symptoms will be dismissed!