Husbands head tilting to one side

Evening all my hubby has ppms diagnosed 2003. …on top of that he was also diagnosed this year with diabetes. I have noticed recently his neck is leaning to the right. has this happened to any one else and have you ever worn s neck brace.

Hi I get that. It’s developed over last couple of years now. It’s now at the point where I feel like my heads tilted to the side when it’s actually held straight up. It’s quite a weird sensation feeling squint, when I’m looking in the mirror and I know my heads straight up. Soon as I relax though it goes back over to my right side. I don’t have a brace or anything but I do see my physio quite regularly and she gives me exercises to help with stretching and strengthening my neck muscles. Does your husband see a physio? Be worth mentioning it to them or his ms nurse and she could refer him to physio, if he’s not already with one. I’m ppms and experiencing a lot of muscle tone wastage. Have noticed however, that it’s worst tilting when I’m really tired or getting close to bedtime. He needs to try keep his neck muscles moving and keep them strong so I’d definately see a physio about it and get some exercises. Hope this is helpful? Take care

Hi Libertine Thanks for the reply. I have sent an email to his ot and MS nurse to see what they think. I hope your physio is of help.


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Hubby saw the Physio and it is his Trunk that is leaning and not his neck it just looks that way his physio said. She is brilliant and says he needs a different recliner chair one with more central support. She says he aslso needs a support for bedtime so will find out more soon.