Strange sensation when bending neck

I’m still awaiting diagnosis, but I’ve had a really wierd thing this last couple of days. If I bend my neck forward, chin towards chest, I get really light headed, like I’m going to faint. My arms feel funny, but not electric shocky, trhough I have had a really bad twitch in my left arm which woke me up thinking someone was poking me! Sitting here typing I’vce ahd to raise my keyboard to almost eye level, as when i’m typing on my lap, it starts again!

I’ve not heard of a fainting thing when bending necks, but nothing would surprise me!

Twitching is very common - it can be a sign of lots of things though, including vitamin deficiencies, so make sure you get your bloods tested via your GP.

Couple of more things for your list for the neuro!

Karen x

I’ve no idea! I would guess it could vary by how you bend your neck and how long for plus the size and location of the lesion, but it really is a guess! I’ve only had L’Hermitte’s once (for a few weeks) and I always got the electric shock/buzz thing, but my experience could be very different to other people’s.

Karen x

hiya, erm not sure how helpful this is but, I get neck pain too, its generally when I turn my head too quickly to look behind me. Eye doctor did say that i might get a shooting pain down my neck as a part of the optic neuritis so i dont know if it has something to do with the lesion there? or if any of you guys get the optic neuritis it might be something to do with that, or at least worth asking about? also when i went to see my neurologist the day he diagnosed me, we spoke about this and he asked if it gave me an electric shock sensation, which it does in my tongue :S. He didnt explain the significance of this (which I find happens often and I’m always too dim / suprised by the question to ask why we’re talking about it). should be having a chat with an ms nurse soon, so if I get any info will let you know.

Just thought I would join in for the sake of “you’re not alone”