Dropped head

Hi. My first time writing on here. My beautiful daughter has had RRMS for ten years and has Tysabri each month. Recently her head has started to drop to one side. Has anyine got any advice on why, or how I can help her?

i have no idea why our bodies contort with ms.

i lean to the left.

it started when i started using a walking stick.

i had treatment by an osteopath and after 3 sessions i was standing upright.

i’ve been told by my husband that i’m looking wonky again.

the osteopath told me that my hips were out of alignment.

only mentioned this because perhaps something is out of alignment with your daughter.

Hi Shazzer

Have you asked your daughters MS nurse? Or does she have a physiotherapist? Maybe referral to physio might help? Sorry, I can’t think of any more suggestions.

It seems like a strange symptom and could as Carole found, be more related to postural issues, perhaps related to mobility aids, rather than something directly caused by MS.

All the best (and welcome to the forum, sorry you’ve found it necessary to be here at all).


Ditto to all of the above.