Head shake

Just been diagnosed. Fell over in shower n cracked head badly. Two weeks later fell over in huge pile of nettles! Just been diagnosed w ms. My head today is slightly shaking? Any ideas

Did you go to A&E and get checked out?

Head injury and concussion - NHS (www.nhs.uk)

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That sounds very nasty. Falling over is worth going to a fair bit of trouble to avoid. We can’t eliminate the risk, but we can manage it down. Appropriate mobility aids, grab rails, shower stools, those plastic shower mats with the suckers that are something we swore we would never, ever… Etc. Sensible shoes. They’re all a bad look, but not as bad as being in traction. But I expect you’re on top of all that already.

Thank you and other person for responding. Really kind. I’m still in denial a bit and struggling a bit to get used to this but you’re bang on - now not wearing heels (am v short so loved heals!) and doing physio and Pilates and high protein diet and vit d pills to try and address! The head wobble freaked me out but am chasing dr hard to try and follow up and trying to do all exercises recommended to strengthen core. This site great though to try and get advice and tips from others so many thanks

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I’ve contacted the dr who originally assessed me - just waiting for response

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Welcome Emma to this great supportive site where there are very valued people with great knowledge to help when they can.
I’m sorry about your falls and hope your head settles.
Take care and stay in touch.