husband told macular degeneration took his central vision.

We know husband has ms diagnosed 16/07/13 and uveitis since 2000 and cataracts,now told the macular degeneration took his central vision in both eyes.He didnt even know he had macular degeneration what with that and uveitis and optic nerve trouble from ms his eyes didnt stand a chance.He is registered as severly sight impaired/blind 08/08/13 what a year.We are waiting to find out if we get a disabled grant for house adaptions as he is really stuggling now got adult social care involved to help.xx julie

What a year indeed Julie, your poor hubby and you have been through so much. I hope that social services can help you in some way. Have achar with your local MS society as well, they may be able to help. Best of luck to you both. L x

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HI leora some else on here said the ms society might be able to help but should be able to get all work done on goverment grant rather than ms society, as most know charitys have suffered alot lately with govement funding cut to them.Fingers crossed grant will get passed as we do meet criteria and are skint lol.I used to get really embarassed saying we had no money but pride goes out the window when needs are great so to speak xxx julie

Oh Julie what a year you and hubby are having. (((((BIG HUGS))))) to you. Hope you get the support you both need xx

Hi sharon how are you was thinking of you the other day.I had to write to neurologist as local gp not prescribing right meds for hubby asked him if he could prescribe or have word with gp for him…He doesnt see neuro until april but sees ms nurses in dec.Heard about all that trouble on news at spinney hill leicester isnt that near the leicester general were it happerned?xx julie

sorry sharon getting you mixed up with lisa ann near me lol. I remmember speaking to you a wile back same birth year lol xx julie

That’s ok Julie. I’m always getting people mixed up xx