Just wondering if anyone has this as well

Hi everyone, I’ve just been referred to a neurologist by my Gp due to some symptoms that I’ve been having on and off for nearly four years now. The last time I had mentioned it to a different gp he had said the symptoms could be a side effect of a low dose of steroids I was on at the time but it’s now been well over a year if not two since I’ve had any and yet I still get muscle twitches, hand shaking, my right foot just randomly kicks out, tingly feeling mainly in my feet and hands but can get it on my head too, a stabbing pain in my left foot, dissyness and my eye does not stop twitching! Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has macular degeneration? I was diagnosed with this when I was only 26 (now 30) which stumped the doctors as it’s only usually seen in the over 60s. My gp had also mentioned that when he got me to follow his finger that both my eyes were a bit jittery which after some reading I’ve found is not related to the condition I have in my left eye but can be linked to ms. My gp did say it’s likely to be nothing/just random coincidences but as a single mum of two disabled children I just can’t help but think what if.

Hi Mumma T,

I saw your post and couldn’t pass by without letting you know that it wasn’t being ignored.

I haven’t got macular degeneration but it must be awful to be diagnosed with that at such a young age.

It would be stupid of me to say that you’ve got MS because I haven’t spent years and years studying medicine.

You’ve obviously got something wrong with you and it’s good you are seeing someone qualified to deal with neurological problems. I hope you don’t have to wait too long.

In the meantime, no one here will mind if you come back and let us know if you’ve got any other worries and how things are going.

People who get on here usually get a more helpful response but perhaps it’s just the election keeping people away at the moment.

Best wishes,