GP thinks its MS!!!

Hi, i’m new and hope i’m asking the right thing and posting in the right place ,sorry if i’m not.

It started 18months ago when i lost the sight in my left eye and left side of the body became weak, had another attack like this three weeks later, this time i went to GP who sent me stright to the stroke clinic as he though it was a TIA, everything came back clear so I didn’t like to bother my doctor again, I already have a dignoises of fibromyaglia and just thought it was a strange new symptoms, but with in the last year things have became alot worse I now am having real trouble walking and keeping my balance, pins and needles, burning sensation in my hips and legs all the time and my left hand, my spelling has become terrible, bladder problems, leg twitching and spasaming,eyesight problems, also I woke in the middle of my living room floor not knowing how i got there. So after not wanting to bother my gp for the last year i decided two weeks ago that things were getting to much to ignore he is transfering me to a nurologist as he thinks it’s MS… Do anyone else think is sounds like MS ?

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Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Sorry for the incredulity, but why on earth didn’t you see your GP sooner?! Losing the sight in one eye is not exactly easily explained or shrugged off - I would have thought it would have everyone running off to A&E or at least their GP! And then all the rest of that on top?! I guess no one can turn the clock back though so it’s more important to look forward now.

Could your symptoms be due to MS? As your GP has suggested, yes they could. However, there are actually a large number of conditions that can mimic MS so you won’t find out for sure until you see a neuro and get a load of tests done (e.g. MRI). Unfortunately, it can take a while to work out what’s going on so be prepared for a bit of a long haul, and try to keep an open mind - it could easily be something other than MS.

I hope you get some answers soon.

Karen x

Thanks for your reply, i know i really should have gone earlier, I think i was a little scared and also know there’s so many people with worse problems then me and don’t like to take the doctors time up, but i agree should have gone earlier.

Waiting on the nurolgist appointment at the moment, not sure when that will be know it can be a while.

thanks again for your reply.