husband diagnosed 16th july multiple sclerosis 8th august re registered as severly sight impaired/blind,

Well what a stressfull 3 wks just sent dla form back day before looks like i have got to phone them up for hubby hope they dont want that form filling out again,what a headache,Have to see what extra help can get xxx julie

It never rains but it pours Julie. Hope you don’t have to fill it out again and that things get a little easier for you xx

Hi Julie,

What a stressful time for you both, hope it all works out fine.

Pam x

Thanks pam and sharon just cannot face anymore bad news at the moment lol.We knew this would happern at some point his uveitis is out of control nothing seems to have helped they are talking about putting him on immune suppressants again.He was on two different sorts in past but took him off them as they did not work.In fact nothing that they tryed to save vision has worked but still clutching at straws trying to save little bit he has left.Funny how thing turn out life is so cruel at least he has still got his julie

Husband has speech problems and choking coughing fits wile eating for a wile now he has mentioned this to ms nurses on 9th august and showed them the tremor in hand,nurses said tremor was bad ,he told them it gets alot worse than this on and off through out the day.She told him speech and swollowing problems are more common in more progressive cases.Also as neurologist told him he had alot of old scars going through the brain and could of had it years.We are also thinking he could have a more progressive type or just be further along than most when diagnosed.He chokes and coughs with bread and dry things he swallows but its like it is stuck and body trying to throw it back up.Has anyone had the test with dye for swallowing problems i heard it is usually in three stages of swallowing that these problems happern. xxx julie

Anoyed rang department work pensions got some young lad who sounded like he couldnt be bothered,Rang up about husbands dla form sent back on 8th august told them form said he was partially sighted but from 8th august 2013 re registered as severly sight impaired .Asked him if he would take a note on screen to wait about making desision untill new card and registration papers have come .He mentioned about filling out the form again.I was fuming the idiot xxx julie